Wolves XC Running – Adopt a Wolf Fundraiser


Help send Brit and Kailey aka “The Clowns” to Sault Ste Marie for Nationals

Alums, Friends, and Other Supporters:

The 2016 Wolves XC team is headed to CCAA Nationals on November 12.  For the athletes who are competing, this will be great opportunity to test themselves against the best college runners in Canada.

The College is able to provide support for this trip for athletes in the top 7 at ACACs (e.g. Brandon Wladyko this year) but for the rest of the students, they need to self-fund the trip.

So if you are in the financial position to spare $100 or $250 or whatever to help fund the trip, we would really appreciate it if you could help us out.  All contributions are eligible for a charitable tax receipt, which helps reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

Here is the link to the Adopt-a-Wolf site where you can make an online donation.

I know many of you had a whole ton of fun travelling to Nationals or Spokane or Vancouver when you were GPRC XC athletes.  If you could help this year’s team fund part of their Nationals trip, they will be also be able to share in a great experience like you had as part of the XC Wolves.

Please consider making a donation this year.  Thanks much.

Bill Corcoran and Rick Scott, Wolves XC Running Coaches





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