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2013 Womens 4 x 400m team

Cross Country running and Indoor Track are two of 5 varsity sports currently offered at Grande Prairie Regional College.  The Wolves compete provincially in the Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference, and nationally in the Canadian Colleges Athletics Association.  Any academically eligible full time GPRC student is able to compete for the Wolves.  The cross country running season starts in late August and runs to mid November.

The Wolves also offer an indoor track program from mid November to March.  Each year the ACAC hosts the Alberta Colleges Indoor Championship in March which includes the long sprints and middle distances (400m-3000m and the 4 x 400m relay).

Wolves Cross Country Varsity Team Information

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Team History

GPRC Wolves X-C ACAC and CCAA Placings 1991-2012 + Individual Medalists 14Results91to14

For the past 25 years, the histories of the Wapiti Striders/GPRC Wolves Athletics Clubs and the GPRC Wolves Varsity Cross Country Running Team have been closely related.  Most track club members have also been part of the GPRC team at one time or another and coaches Bill Corcoran and Rick Scott have also performed double duty.

GPRC has had a cross country running team since its establishment in 1966.  The pre-1990 history has not been well documented, but we do know that GPRC did not have an ACAC individual or team champion in this era.  Terry Smith was very close to being the Wolves first-ever ACAC champion, losing out in a sprint finish to RDC’s Rod Palm in 1988.

Bill Corcoran

In the fall of 1990, Glen Chilton became the head coach of Wolves Cross Country and the program started on an upward trajectory.  Current coach Bill Corcoran joined as an assistant coach in 1991.  When Chilton left in 1992, Corcoran assumed the head coaching role and Rick Scott joined on as an assistant.  In 1996, Corcoran and Scott agreed to become co-head coaches, an arrangement that continues to this day.

Chilton’s legacy was to increase participation.  In his first year, one female athlete and five male athletes represented GPRC in x-country.  By the time he left in 1992, GPRC was able to field a full teams of both six men and six women.  Since then the team size has been as high as 25 women and 15 men in a single year.  And as the numbers of athletes increased, the talent also improved.

ACAC medals were sparse in the early 90s.  Keri Matson was the individual womens bronze medalist in 1991.  The 1993 Womens Team achieved the team Bronze, which might have the College’s first-ever ACAC team medal.

The middle and late 90s were much improved.  Andre Frenette struck individual ACAC Bronze in both 1996 and 1997.  Frenette was also a part of GPRC’s first mens team to finish on the the podium.  The 1997 Men placed third at ACAC’s hosted on their home course at Wapiti Nordic.  The 1998 Men, led by Fred Setterington’s individual silver medal finish, ended up in a 3 way tie for the team championship, but were placed second on the tie breaker.

Tara Lee Stillwell

The 1999 ACAC Championship was the high point (at least to date) for the Wolves.  Tara Lee Stillwell became GPRC’s first individual womens ACAC Champion.  Minutes later Fred Setterington duplicated Stillwell’s feat, winning the mens race.  Steph Ruch also hit the podium with a bronze in the womens race.  The 1999 Womens team struck silver in the team competition.

In the year 2000, the Wolves were shut out of the ACAC podium, but they returned a year later when the 2001 Women captured the bronze medal.

2001 was also the final year of the Interprovincial Championships, a challenge race between Alberta and BC Colleges held in early November.  GPRC’s Ryan Hicks was the last mens individual champion, winning the race held at Red Deer College.  Other Wolves runners scoring notable performances in Interprovincials over the years included Fred Setterington (winning in 1998 and 1999) and Lori Ann Winia (silver in 1995.)  In 2002, Interprovincials was replaced by the CCAA Open Cross Country Running Championship.

2002 was another great year for the Wolves, particularly the 2002 Womens Team.

2002 Wolves Women

Led by Jessica Schmidt’s individual silver, the women placed four in the top 12 to easily win the ACAC team championship, the first-ever team title for GPRC in x-country.  Two weeks later, the feat was duplicated when Schmidt again finished second and the team won the inaugural CCAA Open Championship.  The CCAA Gold was only the second-ever national championship gold medal won by a Wolves team in any sport.

While the 2003 Women were unable to duplicate the feat of 2002, they finished a close 4th at both the ACAC and CCAA Championships.   The 2003 Men, however, were back on the podium for the first time since 1998, with a bronze in the ACAC team competition.

The women were back to their winning ways a year later when the 2004 Women again captured the ACAC Championship.  Penny Thompson led the way with an individual bronze medal.  Not to be out done, the 2004 Men captured a team bronze.  Kyle Reynolds also managed an ACAC individual bronze.  Co-coaches Bill Corcoran and Rick Scott were named 2004 ACAC Coach of the Year.

Two weeks later at the 2004 CCAA Championships, Reynolds scored a huge upset when he outleaned Augustana’s Carl Skinstead to become the CCAA National Champion.  The GPRC women weren’t able to duplicate 2002, falling a bit short and placing second in the team competition.

2005 Wolves X-C

2005 and 2006 were also good years for Wolves Cross Country.  The 2005 Women placed second at ACACs and third at CCAAs.  The 2005 men were third at ACACs.  Despite placing 6 runners in the top 12, the 2006 Men fell just short of the top rung at ACACs, placing second.  The 2006 Women were third at ACACs.  Both teams ended up 5th at the 2006 CCAA Championships.

The 2007 Mens team marked the end of a long run of team medals at the ACAC Championships, with their bronze medal effort.  2007 also was the year that Grande Prairie hosted the nation, putting on the CCAA Championships at Wapiti Nordic on the November long weekend.   Many of the same people who organized the 2005 Provincial High School Championships on the same Wapiti Nordic course were back to help out in 2007.  (Click video to see Andrew Seidl’s dramatic dive for 77th place.)

The Wolves were shut out of both the individual and team podiums in 2008 and 2009 at both the ACAC and CCAA Championships.  However, the Wolves were proud to host the 2008 ACAC Championships on the same course as the 2007 CCAA Nationals.

Fiona Benson

From a team perspective, 2010 was again a lean year for the Wolves, but a talented individual runner, Fiona Benson, made it a year to remember.  Like Reynolds in 2004, Benson went into the CCAA Nationals as an under dog, finishing second to Red Deer’s Jodi Sanguin at the ACAC Championships in late October.  However, two weeks later in Fredriction, NB, Benson turned the tables outleaning Sanguin for the win and the national college championship.  Benson then  continued her season with a 7th place finish at the National Junior Championships on November 27, a result that qualified her for the National Junior Team.  Running for Team Canada, Benson won the individual silver medal at the NACAC Junior X-C Championships in Trinidad in February 2011 and placed 64th at the World Junior X-C Championships in March 2011.

Devin Woodland ended a seven-year individual podium drought for the Wolves men in 2011 by capturing the bronze medal at the ACAC Championships.  Also in 2011, the Wolves women narrowly missed the podium, placing 4th at the ACAC Championships.  However, they rebounded nicely two weeks later placing 6th overall, and 3rd amongst the Alberta teams, at CCAA meet in Kamloops.

Amanda Patteson, 2012 Womens Team Member, don't need no stinkin' shoes

Amanda Patteson, 2012 Womens Team Member, don’t need no stinkin’ shoes

Buoyed by Jamie Wigmore’s 4th place finish, the 2012 womens team struck silver at the ACAC Championships to the national champion Grant MacEwan team.  The Wolves women ended up 8th at Nationals in Montreal.

The 2013 Wolves had a successful season producing three ACAC All Conference runners.  Hayden Hollowell (5th) and Riley Wallace (7th) made the cut on the men’s side, while Jamie Wigmore (silver) was women’s ACAC All Conference.  Wigmore continued to excel, finishing 5th at CCAA Nationals in Toronto.  She was also named a CCAA All Canadian and CCAA tournament All Star.  Teamwise, the Wolves women won the bronze medal at ACACs and finished 6th at Nationals.  The men ended up 4th at ACACs and 14th at Nationals.

Indoor Track and Field was officially introduced to the ACAC in the winter of 2014, and the Wolves had an immediate impact, winning 4 individual gold medalsJamie Wigmore accounted for 3 of them (400, 800, and 1500) and Hayden Hollowell topped the field in the men’s 1500m.   In the team standings, the Wolves women were third, while the men were 4th.  Also, at the 2014 Festival of Gold Athletic Awards Banquet, both Wigmore and Hollowell were honored as GPRC Athletes of the Year.

Written by Bill Corcoran, July 2011

Updated April 2014


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