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Uncle Rico
The Patron Saint of “The Older I get, the better I was”

Our results archive pays homage to one of the all time greats in sporting history, Uncle Rico, of Napoleon Dynamite fame.  After all, if coach would have put me in in ’82, we’d have won State.

Peace Country Classic/GP Hershey Meet Results

2014 PCC/Hershey Meet 14pccresults  14pccteamresults

2013 PCC/Hershey Meet Results 13pccresultsrevisedtuesdaypm   13pccteamscores

2012 PCC/GP Hershey Meet Results (REVISED – May 13, Boys 11/12 Ball Throw) – 12pccresults

2012 PCC/GP Hershey Meet Team Scores 12pccresultsteam

2011 Peace Country Classic/GP Hershey Meet/NW Zone AB Senior Games Trials

2010 Peace Country Classic/GP Hershey Meet Results 10pccresults

2009 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  09PCCHersheyMeetResults

2008 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  08PCCHersheyMeetResults

2007 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  07PCCHersheyResults

2006 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  06PCCHersheyResults

2005 PCC/Hershey Meet Results 05PCCHersheyResults

2004 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  04PCCHersheyMeetresults

2003 PCC/Hershey Meet Results  03PCCHersheyMeetResults

2002 Hershey Meet and All Comers Results  02HersheyAndAllComersResults

NW Zone Track and Field Results

2014 Results    14zonessrresultsfinalpdf   14zonessrteamscoresfinal     14zonesjrhighresultsfinalpdf    14zonesjrhighteamscoresfinal

2013 Results 13zonesfinalsrhresults 13zonesfinaljrhresults 13zonesfinalsrhteamscores 13zonesfinaljrhteamscores

2012 results 12zonessrhfinalresults 12zonesjrhfinalresults 12zonessrhfinalteamscores 12zonesjrhfinalteamscores

2011 Results   srhighresultsfinal    jrhighfinalresults   srhighteamscores   jrhighteamscores

2010 Results 10zonessrhresults  10zonesjrresults  10zonessrhresultsteam  10zonesjrhteamresults

2009 Results 09Zone8MeetSrHighResults  09Zone8MeetJRHighResults  09zone8srhighteamresults   09zonesteamscoresjrhigh

2008 Results 08zone8resultssrh  08zone8resultsjrh  08zone8resultssrhteam  08zone8resultsjrhteam

2007 Results  07ResultsSeniorHigh   07ResultsjuniorHigh  07TeamResults

2006 Results 06z8srhresults  06z8jrhighresults  06z8srhighteam  06z8jrhighteam

2005 Results 05SRHZone8Results  05jrhZone8Results  05srhzone8teamresults  05zonejrhteamresults

2004 Results 04JrHighREsults  04NWZoneHSresults   04JRhighTeam   04z8HSteam

Zone 8 Alberta Summer Games Trials Results

2014  14nwzoneasgtrialsresults

2012 12asgtrialsresults


2008 08Zon8ASGTrials

2006 06Zon 8ASGTrials

2004 04Zon8ASGTrials

2002 02Zon8ASGTrials

Random GP Track Meets

00MayAllcomersResults  02MayHersheyAndACResults  02JulyAllComersMeetResults    03t010WapitiStridersResults  04MayAllCResults  04Julyallcomers2  05allcomersresults   06AC1results  06WSAllcomers3results   07jrHighCatholicMeet   08RelayMeetResults   12RickScottOpenResults    13RickScottInviteResults 14RickScottOpenResults   14wacminimeetresults

Unchaga Run in the Peace Results

2011 Unchaga Results      2010UNCHAGARESULTS     2009UNCHAGARESULTS    2008UnchagaResults

GP and KOS Triathlon Results

2009   09GPTriathlonFINAL  09GPTriathlonKOSFinal

2008 Not held

2007 (Off Road Duathlon) 07GPORDuathlonResults

2006 06GPTriResults  06KOSResults

2005 05GPTriresults  05KOSresults

2004 04trires  04kosres

2003  03trioaresults  03KOSresults

2002   02GPTriResults

2001  2001Grande Prairie Triathlon     2001 Kids of Steel

2000  2000GPTriandKOSresults

1999   99GrandePrairieTriathlon

Archived Brian Harms Memorial Results

Results from 2007 and beyond are at the GP Run Walk Club site

06BrianHarmsResults   05HarmsResults   04HarmsResults   03harmsresults

02 Brian Harms Results  01harmsresults  2000HarmsResults  99HarmsResults

98HarmsResults  97HarmsResults  96HarmsResults

Archived Daily Herald Tribune Press Run Results

Results from 2007 and beyond are at the GP Run Walk Club site

06PressRunResults   05DHTPressRunResults   04PressRunResults   03results

02PRResults02  2001PressRunResults   2000PressRunResults   99PressRunResults

98PressRunResults  97PressRunResults    96PressRunResults

Archived Beaverlodge to GP Marathon Results (aka South Peace Marathon)

96BLmarathon     97BLmarathon   98BeaverMarathon  99SouthPeaceMarathon


Archived Jasper to Banff Relay Results for Wapiti Striders Teams

2000JtoBresults  99JtoBResults   98JtoBResults    96JtoBResults

Fort St John Spring Run off Results

10SpringRunofffinaltimes   09FSJSpringRunoffResults   08SpringRunoffResults    07FSJ10kmresults  06FSJ10kmresults    05FSJSpringRunoffresults

Cross Country Running Results 

Local X-C results can be found on the Wolves X-C Series site