Wolves X-C Legend Tackles Boston 2011

Wolves X-C Legend THE Brady Turner toed the line today for the 115th running of the Boston Marathon.  Despite perfect conditions and a huge tailwind, Turner was unable to match strides with winner Geoffery Mutai and his world best 2:03:02 clocking.

Turner was in a hole early passing 5 km in 21 and change about 7 minutes behind the leaders.  Things unravelled rapidly from there as he hit 10 km in just over 42 minutes and then half way in 1:34.  Just when you’d think he was hitting rock bottom, he proceeded to dig deeper … so deep that further splits and his final time will not be revealed … Google it if you really need to know.

We caught up with Turner by e-mail and he offered the following analysis: “Stomach issues, didn’t have much of an appetite all wknd, forced some pasta down the night before but then felt horrible. Did a lot walking today, I was ready to be done by mile 7. Oh well what can ya do. Boston won that round but I will be back!”

In an unprecedented move, Wolves coach Bill Corcoran declined to comment.  Instead, he mumbled something about “taking the high road” and “not kicking a guy when he was down.” 

At this point, the eagerly awaited Corcoran-Turner re-match over the marathon distance is on hold pending contract negotiations.  It is hoped that the two may go head-to-head in New York in 2012.

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