Training Plans

Current Training Plans

Kobe and Faith 2020 XC Base 

Kobe and Faith 2020 Indoors 20IndoorsFaith1500-3000

Fall XC  2019 

High School Plan 19wolvesXCTrainingSchedHighSchool

GPRC College Team Plan 19wolvesXCTrainingSched

Outdoor Track 2019

Outdoors 400/800 Plan (e.g. Lil B and Chris updated June 17) 19SpringSummer400-800

Outdoors 1500m Plan (e.g. Kobe, Miguel updated June 18) 19SpringSummer1500-up

Outdoors Long Sprinter (e.g. Joel updated June 18) 19SummerLongSprinter

XC Prep and Emperor’s Challenge (e.g. Anna, Kailey updated June 18) 19JulyAugXCPrep

Varsity athletes not doing outdoor track, should show up on Saturdays and Tuesdays and/or Thursdays to do a workout.  On the other days, they should be putting in mileage – as much as they are able to!!

Indoor Track 2019

Indoors 2019  300-400m 19indoors300-400

Indoors 2019  600-1000m 19indoors600-1000

Indoors 2019  1500-3000m 19indoors1500-3000

Cross Country 2018 

Fall XC 2018 Varsity Wolves 18wolvesXCTrainingSched

Fall XC  2018 High School 18wolvesXCTrainingHighSchool

August 2018 XC Preparation 18AugustTraining

Spring/Summer 2018 Track and Road

Spring/Summer 2018 Big Mir 5000 18BigMirSummer

Spring/Summer 2018 Track 18HSTrackSpringSummer

Spring/Summer 2018 Road Race 18RoadRaceSpringSummer 

Winter 2018 Indoor Track

Spring 2018 Road Racing 18RoadRaceBase

Spring 2018 High School Track 18HSTrackBase

Winter 2018 Indoors – 300/600 plan 18Indoors300-400

Winter 2018 Indoors 600/1000 plan 18Indoors600-1000

Winter 2018 1500/3000 plan 18Indoors1500-3000

Fall 2017 XC Plans

Nov 2017 Nationals Workouts 17NationalsWorkouts

Sept 2017 30 day Challenge 17SeptChallenge

Fall 2017 College XC Running 17wolvesXCTrainingSched

Fall 2017 High School XC Running 17wolvesXCTrainingHighSchool

Spring/Summer 2017

High School 800 and 1500 17HStrack8001500

High School 1500 and 3000 17HStrack15003000

Brandon W’s Half Marathon 17Brandon Plan

Plan for those just getting ready for Fall XC  – 13GeneralSpringSummer

Spring Base Plan 17SpringBase

Winter 2017

3000-1500m Plan 17indoors1500_3000

1500-600 Plan 17indoors600_1500

400-300 Plan 17indoors300-400

End of 2016 Plan 16endofyear

XC 2016

GPRC Varsity XC Fall 2016 16wolvesXCTrainingSched

AB High School Plan Fall 2016  16wolvesXCTrainingHighSchool

Bailey’s XC Plan 16BaileyXCTrainingSched

August Base Plan for XC 16AugustTraining

Outdoors 2016

The Wiggie Plan 800/1500 Senior Athlete  16WiggieTrack

The Big Brandon Plan Road Race/Track Senior Athlete 16TrackandRoadRace

The Little Brandon Plan 800/1500 ASG and High School  16ASGHighSchool800-1500

The “Clowns” Plan 1500/3000 ASG and High School  16ASGHighSchool1500-3000

Base for the Older Runners  16SpringCollegeBase

Base for the High Schoolers 16SpringHighSchool

Indoors 2015/16

3000/1500/800 16_3000-1500Indoor

600/1000 16_600-1000Indoor

300/400 16_300_400Indoor

Fall 2015 XC

Wolves College XC Plan 15wolvesXCTrainingSched

Wolves HS XC Plan  15wolvesXCHighSchoolTrainingSched

Outdoors and Pre-XC 2015

800m Ladies   15Womens800m

Big Mir 15BigMirTrack

High School 15BritAndKailey

Generic Plan for those not doing track 15XCRunningSpring_SummerGeneric

Indoors 2015

3000/1500 plan 15_3000-1500Indoor

1000/600 plan  15_600-1000-Indoors

300/600 plan  15_300-600-Indoors

High School (Brit and Kailey)  15_3000-1500IndoorBritandKailey

Wiggie   15JamieIndoor

Big Mir – XC and Indoor    15MirelleWorldsXC

Cross Country 2014

High School XC Plan 14wolvesXCHighSchoolTrainingSched

College Wolves Plan (updated Aug 10) 14wolvesXCTrainingSched

Outdoors 2014

Sanchez 1500m and up  14SanchezSummer

Wiggie 800/1500 and a few road races  14JamieSummer

Mirelle – high school and other sports 14MirellesSummer

Kailey – high school – 800/1500 and a few road races 14KaileysSummer

Dylan – 400/800 14DylanSummer

Training Mostly for XC Season – 14XCBase

Indoors 2014

3000/1500 plan 14WolvesIndoors15003000

1500/800 plan  14WolvesIndoors8001500

800/400 plan 14WolvesIndoors400800

High School Girls 14WolvesIndoorsHighSchool

Cross Country 2013

General Plan for GPRC Wolves X-C Team 13wolvesXCTrainingSched

High School Plan for Peace Country runners 13wolvesXCTrainingSchedHighSchool

** Note: Steve Burgess race has beeen moved to Sep 14.  GPRC runners, see the high school plan for the Sep 7 workout.

Spring/Summer 2013

General Plan for those not running Track  13GeneralSpringSummer

Jr High Track – Danae, Brit  13JRHSummer

Jamie  13JamiesSummer

Sanchez  13SanchezSummer

Dylan 13DylanSummer

Older Training Plans

13WolvesIndoorsRegular – (updated Dec.7 in more readable format.)  This is a Winter 2013 training plan for x-c runners who want to run a bit of indoor track, but are more focused on road running or other endurance sports this spring/summer.

13WolvesIndoorsAlist  – (updated Dec. 7 in more readable format.) This is a Winter 2013 training plan for x-c runners who are serious about indoor track and are focused on running track this spring/summer.

13JorenIndoors – This is Joren’s plan for 2013 indoors.  It’s designed for a serious 400/800m runner who’s looking to run fast in the outdoor season.

2013XCCircuit – This is a simple strength training plan for runners they can be doing 2 or 3 times a week during the winter months.

2011 Summer X-C Preparation Training Plan

2012 X-C Training Plan 12wolvesXCTrainingSched


Summer Training Plan for Wolves X-Country (mid June to late August) 11WolvesSummerXC

Fall In Season Training Plan for Wolves X-Country (Sept to mid  November) 11wolvesXCTrainingSched

High School X-C Running HighSchoolxc   AnotherHighSchoolXCTrainingSched


Middle Distance  11WolvesIndoors

Fiona’s 2011 World Champs X-C Plan 11FionaXC

400/800m Plan  11TrooooooooyIndoors

200/400 Plan   08SprintWolves


3000m High School  09HighSchool3000mSpring

1500m High School  09HighSchool1500mSpring

800m High School   09HighSchool800mSpring

Distance Running – Younger Runners  08ASGDistanceTrainingYoungerRunners

Distance Running – High School Runners 08ASGscheduleDistanceTrainingBigBoys

Multiple Events 08multiEventsTrainingPlan


Base training schedule prior to a half or full marathon 11DistanceRunningBase

Marathon Schedule 11Marathon


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