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2016 NW Zone Track and Field Meet – Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28

This year’s Zone Meet took place in Peace River at the Glenmary High Track.

General Meet Information

Technical Pacekage (Contains the Meet Details) 16ZonesTechPackage

Meet Schedule (revised May 22 to include Pent and Sr Women’s 80m Hurdles) 16ZonesScheduleRevised

 Specifications (Hurdles, implements, etc.)    16ZonesSpecificationsEvent


Zone Entries for ASAA Provincials – Edmonton – June 3 and 4th

Zone Entries (as of Sunday, May 29 at 1:30 p.m.)  16zonesadvancerfilesundaynoon

Please send any changes to the Zone Coach Sharline Visser – additions have to made by Wednesday noon at the latest – scratches can be made up to Thursday night

Provincials Technical Package   Information about the Prov High School Champs in Edmonton

Results and Team Scores

Congrats to Hillside-Valleyview(Junior High) and EW Pratt-High Prairie (Senior High) the 2016 School Zone Champions.

Results – Final- Sr High 16zonessrhresults

Team Scores – Sr High 16zonessrhteamscores

Results – Final – Jr High 16zonessjrhresults

Team Scores – Jr High 16zonesjrhteamscores

New Zone Records

Updated Sr High Records   16zonerecordsseniorhigh

Updated Jr High  Zone Records 16zonerecordsjuniorhigh


Congrats to the new Zone record holders

Brandon Tufford  Junior Men    GP Comp  800m (2:08.45) and 1500m (4:22.18)

Chris Baird   Junior Men   Charles Spencer  Discus 36.98m

Tristan Werklund  Int Men  Hillside-VV  100m 11.05

Josh Serediak  Int Men  Hillside-VV  Shot Put 13.24m

Larkin Stokes  Sen Men  EW Pratt  Shot Put  12.14m

Kurtis Flett  Open Men  EW Pratt  300mH  52.28

Piper Chillog  Junior Women  St Joes   100m 12.84

Michelle Dick  Int Women  Fairview  Javelin  28.40m


Mairen Lawson  Jr Girls  IV Macklin   800m  2:38.48

Jade Gardecki  Jr Girls  Rosary School  Discus  27.84m

Kenzie Calhoon  Jr Girls  Prairie River School  Javelin  22.80m

Aimee Caron Sr Girls  Hillside-VV  80m Hurdles 11.92 (broke record by 2 seconds!!!!)

Fox Creek School  Open Boys   4 x 400  4:06.49

Rainbow Lake School  Open Girls  4 x 400m 5:02.27


HYTEK Information for District Contacts

Please ensure that your Hytek Information matches these files.  Failure to match this data results in errors and creates a ton more work for the people doing the entries.  Please, please, please check these documents and make sure your Hytek database matches before sending in your Hytek file.

Questions – contact Bill Corcoran at bcorcoran@gprc.ab.ca

School Codes for Senior High 16SRHighASAASchoolList  (If you’d like a Hytek Import file with this information – saves you inputting the schools from your District – contact Bill and he can e-mail it to you.

Event List for Senior High 16SeniorASAAEventList

(Note:  The Jr High Codes  mirror the Senior High codes plus 100 – e.g. The first event in Jr High is Event 101, the second event is Event 102, etc.)

Division Codes 16ZonesDivisionCodesHytek





2015 NW Zone Track and Field Meet – Grande Prairie – Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30

This year’s Zone Track Meet was held in Grande Prairie on the last weekend in May.  Senior High athletes finishing in the top 2 were selected for the Zone team for the ASAA Provincial High School Championships in Lethbridge on June 5 and 6.

Details about the meet are linked here:

Meet Information and Registration Instructions  (updated May 25, 2015)

Meet Schedule (corrected May 28, hurdle distances)  15ZonesSchedule


Results 2015

Jr High Results    15zonesjrhresults

Jr High Team Scores   15zonesjrhteamscores

Sr High Results     15zonessenhghresults

Sr High Team Scores   15zonessrhteamscores

New Zone Records

Updated Sr High Records  15zonerecordssenhigh

Updated Jr High  Zone Records  15zonesrecordsjrh

Congrats to the new Zone record holders

Madigan Ewan   Hillside Valleyview   Jr Girls Shot  11.42m and  Jr Girls Discus  28.34m

Vanessa Spenner  Sexsmith Seondary   Int Girls Discus  28.94m

McKenzie D’Or   Ft Vermilion   Int Girls Discus   23.60m

Desiree Giesbretch   Hines Creek  Sr Girls 80m Hurdles   13.99

Keyana Anderson  St. Mary’s Sexsmith   Sr Girls Shot Put  10.17m

Gavin Dreidger  Harry Balfour   Jr Boys 800m  2:25.60

Brandon Tufford   GP Comp   Sr Boys 800m  2:11.85

Kris Baird  Charles Spencer  Sr Boys Shot Put  11.37m and Sr Boys Discus  31.20m

Brittany “B Train” Duvall   Eaglesham  Int Women 800m 2:32.93, Int Women 1500m 5:17.77, and Int Women 3000m  11:21.72

Janai Martens  Int Women Long Jump 4.95 m and Int Women Triple Jump  10.12m

Michelle Dick  Fairview   Jr Women Shot Put 9.85m

Braden L’Hirondelle  Hillside Valleyview  Jr Men Discus  35.18m

Micheal Seweryn  Hillside Valleyview  Int Men Shot Put 13.10m

Mark Simpson   Ft Vermilion   Sr Men Shot Put 11.42m  Sr Men Discus 33.80m

Duvall, Dunnington, Bishop, Bratland   NW Zone Team  Women 4 x 400m 4:34.53




2015 ASAA Provincial High School Championships – Lethbridge – Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6

NW Zone Entries (updated Monday evening) 15ZonesEntryListMondayNight

Please check your school’s entries carefully.  E-mail any changes to bcorcoran@gprc.ab.ca before Wednesday morning at the latest.

Meet Website 

Technical Package for the Meet – Click on the big blue button




2014 NW Zone Track and Field Meet – Peace River – Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31

Jr High Results   14zonesjrhighresultsfinalpdf

Jr High Team Scores   14zonesjrhighteamscoresfinal

Sr High Results  14zonessrresultsfinalpdf

Sr High Team Scores    14zonessrteamscoresfinal

Event Codes

Event Codes – Jr High 12zoneseventsjrh

School Codes – Jr High 12zonesteamjrhl

Event Codes – Sr High 12zoneseventssrh

School Codes – Sr High 12zonesteamsrhl

Past Results

2013 Results – Jr High 13zonesfinaljrhresults      Sr High  13zonesfinalsrhresults

2013 Team – Jr High 13zonesfinaljrhteamscores  Sr High  13zonesfinalsrhteamscores

2012 Senior High Results and Team Scores  12zonessrhfinalresults     12zonessrhfinalteamscores

2012 Junior High Results and Team Scores  12zonesjrhfinalresults    12zonesjrhfinalteamscores

(NOTE:  In 2012, the 400m used an incorrect start line – multiple times by 1.04 for a conversion)

2011 Results – Jr High Final Results      Jr High Team Scores

2011 Results – Sr High Final Results    Sr High Team Scores

2010 Results – Jr High      Results – Jr High Team

2010 Results – Sr High      Results – Sr High Team

Previous Zone results can be found here.

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