Wolves Runners Recognized at 49th Annual Festival of Gold


Taylor Hudak (centre) – 2018-19 Team Guy – and the other Wolves XC/Indoor Track award winners at the 49th Annual Festival of FOG Athletics Award

The 49th Annual Festival of FOG took place on Thursday, March 28th and a number of GPRC runners were recognized for their 2018-19 achievements:

MVP Male XC Running                  Eric Nooy

MVP Female XC Running             Anna van der Geissen

MVP Male Indoor Track               Brandon Tufford

MVP Female Indoor Track          Maria Houle

ROY Male  XC Running                Miguel Macedo

ROY Male Indoor Track              Brandon Tufford

ROY Female Indoor Track          Krista Frey

XC/Indoor Track Academic       Maria Houle

Team Guy Award                         Taylor Hudak

Gurevitch Burnham Award       Anna Van der Geissen

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