Nelissen 3-peats at 2019 Rick Scott Open


Rick Scott (left) stops the time in the Men’s 300m at the 2019 Rick Scott Open. Chris Nelissen’s shoulder edged out JoelManz (no space – say it as a single word) for the win.

Wolves Athletics Club superstar Chris Nelissen parlayed two wins, including a meet record, into an unprecedented third Male of Athlete of the Meet title at the 2019 Rick Scott Open at the Crosslink Sportsplex on Saturday.

Nelissen outleaned Brandon Tufford in the 800m, stopping the clock in 2:10.4, a mere tenth of a second off of Tufford’s 2018 meet record.  Nelissen returned 30 minutes later and won the 300m in a meet record time of 41.6.

Women’s Athlete of the Meet Anna van der Geissen was equally as impressive. She also won the 800m and 300m, clocking times of 2:49.6 and 53.5.

Maria Houle was awarded the Outstanding Inspirational Performance of the Meet for a turning in a stellar leg third leg on the 4 x 100m that vaulted her squad, Joel’s Team, to victory in a time of 60.1.


Trophy winners and Participation Ribbon recipients show off their spoils from the 2019 Rick Scott Open.

Tarias Fournier, who showed up late and botched his 4 x 100 m relay hand off (i.e. you had ONE job!) was named Least Outstanding Performer of the Meet.  Team mate Eric Nooy was overheard after the debacle stating: “Man, I hate that kid!”

Full results are posted here.

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