Wolves tackle Canada’s Second Largest 10km race

A baker’s dozen of Wolves and former Wolves competed in the Times Colonist 10 km race in Victoria on Sunday, April 29.  With almost 13,000 registrants, the TC 10 km is the second largest 10 km race in Canada.

As expected, Fiona Benson was the first local across the finish line clocking a time of 36:41, good for 10th place overall among all women and first in the F 1-19 age group.  (She was quicker than the winner of the M 1-19 group.)

Other Wolves and Wolves alum finishers included:

Bill Corcoran          40:50     232nd    M50-54 12th

Jack Carrigan         41:01       309th    M 1-19 21st

Jason Simigan         43:18      417th    M20-24 44th

Yana Hempler           43:31   429th     F 20-24  15th

Amanda Patteson     43:40   433th    F 20-24 16th

Torlief Landsgaard    44:07   590th    M 1-19 58th

Chas Mohan                 48:53   1118th   F 1-19   21st

Davis Alton                   50:08    1772nd    F 1-19  42nd

Linnea Saltel                 52:15     2194th    F 20-24  84th

Carrina Ness             52:59         2330th   F 20-24   89th

Vanessa Besharah   52:58          2325th   F 20-24    88th

Calla Scott                  58:49         4106th    F 1-19       157th

Rick Scott                 1:08:21      5818th      M50-54    259th

Complete results at http://racedaytiming.ca/raceday-results?display=tc10k2012

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