NW Zone 8 Alberta Summer Games Track Team


Kennedy Gray, a Bill Wave, a Bronze LJ medal, and a sweet fake beaver

The 2016 Alberta Summer Games  will took place from July 14-17 in Leduc.

A team of 35 track and field athletes from NW Zone 8 – the Peace Country  – was chosen from the NW Zone 8 ASG Trials Meet in Grande Prairie on Saturday, May 14.  Youth athletes (born in 1999 and 2000) and Midget athletes (born in 2001, 2002, and 2003) were eligible for selection.

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Team Standings 2016 ASG – we’re #8 !!! 16ASGTeamResults

Zone 8 Individual Results 2016 ASG 16ASGIndividualResultsZone8l

Check out the NW Zone 8 ASG Archives to get a feel for how things have operated in the past.  We’ll update this page with similar information about this year’s Games as the information becomes available.

Final Thoughts – Information Upate #5 – July 18, 2016

That was really fun!!!  I hope you had as much fun as I did and I hope to see all of you who competed in the Midget category back for the 2018 Alberta Summer Games in Grande Prairie.  We have a lot of talent in the Peace; we just need to get out and compete more on the provincial and national level.

Overall, I was really pleased with how we. I was predicting about 7 medals; we won 10 medals  – 2 silver and 8 bronze.  This was up for 7 medals in the 2014 Games (5 silver and 2 bronze).

For the record …

complete article linked here 16ASGFinbalUpdate

Mega Important Super Duper Fantastic Information Update #4 – July 5, 2016

Read this – all the cool kids are reading it – and I know you want to be a cool kid … (or more likely, your parents will read this and give you the gist of it … that can work too.)

Info Update – July 5, 2016 16asgmegainfoupdate

Updated Roster  July 5, 2016 16ASGRosterJul4

Zone 8 Bus List (Bus leaves GP Leisure Centre at 8 a.m. on Thursday Morning)  – Zone 8 Transportation Export


Information Update #3 – June 20, 2016

Registration is now complete, you should have received something by e-mail from the Games telling you that you are registered.  This missive also contains info about the online payment status, practice times, the Sherwood Park meet, and training tips.

Information Update #3 16ASGUpdate3

Information Update #2 – June 14, 2016

Registration deadline is quickly approaching, so get registered in the next few days, please.  Details about registration, training, and a meet in Sherwood Park on July 2 and 3 are contained in the latest update.

Information Update #2 16ASGUpdate2

Current Roster (Update June 17, 2016) 16ASGRosterJun17

Information Update #1 – May 22, 2016

There’s a treasure trove of information in the Information Update #1 – make sure you read it, live it, and know it!  Find out about the roster update, registration, practices, and keeping in touch:

Information Update #1 16ASGUpdate1

NW Zone 8 ASG Track Team Roster including events (Updated May 22, 2016) 16ASGRosterMay15

Explanation of the ASG Track Team Selection Process (May 17, 2016)

Team Practices in Grande Prairie – Starts Tuesday, May 31

For athletes in the Grande Prairie area, we’ll start team practices on Tuessday, May 31at 4:3- p.m.  For now, we’ll go on Tuesdays, but we may add days later on depending on the interest.

For out of town athletes, if you can make the odd Tuesday practice, that’s great.  I don’t expect you to drive 2 hours each way from Peace River to be at practice every Tuesday.  However, it’s up to you to practice on your own – you want to be at your best for the Games in July.  If you’d like some advice about training, please e-mail me.

Training Plan for 800, 1500, and 3000 (this was from 2014 – I’ll update it for 2016 at some point – use it for ideas now)

Training Plan for Throwers

Training Plan for Multi Eventers

Training Plan for Sprinters and Jumpers (see the first part of the Training Plan for Multi Eventers linked above)