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2014 NW Zone Track and Field Meet – Peace River – Friday, May 30 and Saturday, May 31

This year’s Zone Track Meet were held in Peace River on the last weekend in May.  Senior High athletes finishing in the top 2 were selected for the Zone team for the ASAA Provincial High School Championships in Calgary on June 6 and 7.

Further details are posted here –     14ZonesDetailedInformation    14ZoneSched   14ZoneSpecs

Jr High Results   14zonesjrhighresultsfinalpdf

Jr High Team Scores   14zonesjrhighteamscoresfinal

Sr High Results  14zonessrresultsfinalpdf

Sr High Team Scores    14zonessrteamscoresfinal

Congrats to the new Zone Record holders

Lindsay Martens    Ridgeview   Jr Girls 800m   2:40.23

Sarah Simpson      St Stephens   Int Girls   Shot Put   10.65m

Justine Doll   Holy Family   Int Girls   Discus  28.44m

Desiree Giesbrecht    Hines Creek   Int Girls   80m Hurdles   13.55

Jerry Harder   LaCrete    Jr Men  Long Jump   6.09m

Janai Martens   St Joe’s  Jr Women  Triple Jump  10.28m

Mirelle Martens, Kailey Bratland, Brittany Duval, Kelsey Bishop   NW Zone Team    Womens 4 x 400   4:37.96

Larkin Stokes, Davis Issac, Bryar Sware, Eric Larson    EW Pratt   Jr Mens 4 x 100  48.58

Updated 2014 Jr High Zone Records  14zonerecordsjuniorhigh

Note: In 2014, the implement weights were changed in Shot Put (JG,IG,SG,SB), Discus (JG,IG,SB), and Javelin (JG,IG,SG,IB,SB).  The Pre-2014 marks appear at the end of the list as Legacy Records.

Updated 2014 Sr High Zone Records   14zonerecordsseniorhigh

Note: In 2014, the implement weights were changed in Shot Put (JW,IW,JM, IM,SM), Discus (JM,IM,SM), and Javelin (JW,IW,JM,IM).  The Pre-2014 marks appear at the end of the list as Legacy Records.

2014 ASAA High School Provincials Track – Calgary Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7

The top 2 finishers in each high school event at the NW Zone meet qualified for High School Provincials.

NW Zone Entry Procedure for Provincials  14ASAA Entry Information – contact Janet Fairless

2014 NW Zone Provincial Entries (Monday at noon)  14NWZoneadvancersbyEvent 14NWZoneadvancersbyTeam

ASAA High School Provincials Website - linked here

2013 NW Zone Results at Provincials 13NWzoneProvsResults

2013 Complete Results  13ASAAProvsresults_asaa_13

2013 Team Scores 13ASAAProvsresults_TEAM


Event Codes – Jr High 12zoneseventsjrh

School Codes – Jr High 12zonesteamjrhl

Event Codes – Sr High 12zoneseventssrh

School Codes – Sr High 12zonesteamsrhl

2013 Results and Zone Records

811 athletes took part in this year’s meet.

Final Results – Jr High 13zonesfinaljrhresults      Sr High  13zonesfinalsrhresults

Final Team – Jr High 13zonesfinaljrhteamscores  Sr High  13zonesfinalsrhteamscores

Congrats to the 2013 NW Zone records breakers

Intermediate Women 800m        2:37.25    Davis Lojczyc                    Beaverlodge

Senior Womens 1500m                 4:59.91    Mirelle Martens             St Joes

Senior Womens Long Jump         4.82m    Rylee Armstrong              Glenmary

Senior Womens Triple Jump       10.45m  Kari Ens                                LaCrete

Junior Mens 800m                           2:09.07   Levi Stewart                      Sexsmith

Intermediate Womens 4 x 100   57.96        Hillside Valleyview

Senior Girls 80m Hurdles               14.74         Taylor Murray                PWA

Senior Girls 1500m                           5:20.27      Danae Keddie                                St Joes

Senior Girls 3000m                           12:02.93    Brittney Duval               Eaglesham

Junior Boys 100m          12.36          Preston Hodginkinson     Glenmary

Boys 100m              11.51          Tristan Werklund        Hillside Valleyview

Intermediate Boys Triple J           11.52m      Greg Student                                Sexsmith

Senior Boys 100m                            11.33          Liam Yasinski                 Fairview

Senior Boys Triple J                         12.29m      Jerry Harder                  LaCrete

Updated Zone Records – Senior High   13zonerecordssrh

Updated Zone Records – Junior High  13zonerecordsjrh

Past Results

2012 Senior High Results and Team Scores  12zonessrhfinalresults     12zonessrhfinalteamscores

2012 Junior High Results and Team Scores  12zonesjrhfinalresults    12zonesjrhfinalteamscores

(NOTE:  In 2012, the 400m used an incorrect start line – multiple times by 1.04 for a conversion)

2011 Results – Jr High Final Results      Jr High Team Scores

2011 Results - Sr High Final Results    Sr High Team Scores

2010 Results - Jr High      Results – Jr High Team

2010 Results – Sr High      Results – Sr High Team

Previous Zone results can be found here.

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