Peace Country Classic/Grande Prairie Hershey Meet

 Saturday, May 10, 2014, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Legion Field, Grande Prairie
(adjacent to the Composite High School and Leisure Centre Pool)
Hershey: Born in 2004/05 or later; 2002/03; 2000/01 (athletes born in 2006 or later are welcome, but they’ll compete with the 2004/05 category)

High School: Junior (Grade 9, 10) and Senior (Grade 11, 12)

All Comers: post-high school athletes including Masters athletes

NOTE: Grade 8 and 9 students born in 1999 or earlier will compete in the High School Junior category

Enter online OR scan and e-mail entry forms and send to Bill Corcoran
- Deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 6 at noon.  Late entries may be accepted up to Friday, May 9 at the discretion of the meet
director with a $5 penalty per event.
- Due to overwhelming response, we are not able to accept day of meet entries.  Please get your entries in on time.
- PCC – Please limit entries to three individual events + the 4 x 100 Relay.
- Hershey – Limit your entries to 2 track and 1 field + relay OR 2 field and 1 track + relay.
- Permission to enter more than three individual events in the Peace Country Classic may be granted if space is available – an additional entry fee will apply.  (Contact the meet director.)
Click here for online registration
Hershey competitors, use this form
2014 HERSHEY ENTRY FORM 14GPHersheyMeetForm
High School and All Comers, use this form

2014 PC CLASSICENTRY FORM (pdf file)14PCCIndvidualEntryForm

High School and All Comers teams, use


For High School and All Comers athletes:
$15 for first individual event;
$20 for two or three individual events;
maximum of $50 for an immediate family.
Schools – every 6th entry is free (i.e.enter
6 athletes, pay for 5)
Athletics Alberta members deduct $3.
The 4 x 100m relays is free for all competitors.

Make cheques payable to: Wolves Athletics Club 

For Hershey athletes:

Entries made before the deadline are free

    • The track is a rubberized all weather surface.
    • Spike length is 7mm for the track and runways.
    • The throwing circles are concrete.  High jump and javelin run ups are on the track area.
    • All timing will be hand timed without wind gauges. (All Hershey 50m, 100m, and 200m may not be timed – place only)
    • For field events, participants will be given four trials to be taken within the 30-minute window for the event.
    • Track events will be timed finals (except for the Hershey 50m, 100m, and 200m – see below). If seed times are provided, heats can be seeded.  Age groups will be combined into heats to save time.

For Hershey athletes only:

  •   Spikes or starting blocks are not permitted
  • 50m, 100m, and 200m categories with more than 8 competitors will run heats and finals.  Only the top 3 athletes in each race will receive a time – the other athletes will receive placings only.
  • Maximum of 3 events per individual (i.e. 2 track and 1 field or 2 field and 1 track) NOTE: The 4 x 100m will not count as one of your events.
  • The Long Jump will be a standing Long Jump competition.
The meet allows serves as a qualifier for:
Provincial Hershey Final on June 21 in Edmonton.  Details about the Provincial Hershey meet are available on the Athletics Alberta website.


50m – Hershey 2004/05 only

100m – all categories

200m – all categories

400m – all categories except Hershey 2000/01 

800m – all categories except Hershey 2004/05

1500m - High School and All Comers

1600m – Hershey 2000/01 only

3000m – High School and All Comers

1500m Race Walk – High School only (check with meet director)
Sprint Hurdles – High School and All Comers
4 x 100m – all categories

Standing Long Jump – All Hershey categories

Ball Throw – All Hershey categories

Long Jump - High School and All Comers

High Jump – High School and All Comers

Shot Put – High School, All Comers

Discus – High School, All Comers,

Javelin – High School, All Comers,

SCHEDULE – (Subject to minor changes – pick up final schedule
on meet day)

1 heat, all categories
Standing Long Jump, 04/05,
02/03, 00/01
9:30 1600m, and 1500m race walk, Combined heats on the track at the same time 00/01 and High School  9:05 High Jump, HS and open Men

100m (note: Hershey Cats with more than 8 will run heats and final)

Hershey on back straight, High School and Open on home straight
Discus, all men
(note: Hershey Cats with more than 8 will run heats and final)
04/05 only, run on back straight
9:20  Shot Put, all women
11:00 800m 5 or 6 heats, all 11:00 High Jump, HS and open Women
Sprint H
3 or 4 heats, HS and open
Shot Put, all men
noon  11:20    Discus, all women
Break and Catch Up
Break and Catch Up
200m(note: Hershey Cats with more than 8 will run heats and final)
Ball Throw, 04/05, 02/03, 00/01
2 or 3 heats
 2:00  Long Jump, all Women
5 or more heats
Javelin, all men and women
4 x 100m
2 or 3 heats
 3:00 Long Jump, all men

For more information

Bill Corcoran
GPRC Wolves Athletics Club

(780) 538-2369